By now you must have chosen a scale for your model railroading layout and a model train gauge it is now time to pick some architectural model supplies that will match your design. Do you want details about some architectural model building supplies that will give you satisfaction for having made the right choice? Here in this section, we have revealed some interesting ideas to see you through your hobby.

The aim of having scaled objects to your layout is to create a link between model materials used and reality. Adding more design scale model building supplies to your train layout will jack up the display.

We have included details about the HO Rural Refugees model kit, Walthers Cornerstone series kit Ho scale Northern light and power substation and accessories, Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit HO Scale Al’s Victory Service Station, Walthers Cornerstone Aunt Lucy’s House Train and Walthers Cornerstone Rural USA – Lancaster Farmhouse Plastic Building Kit.

Architectural Supplies Pricing

The Ho Rural Refugees Model Kitarchitectural_model_supplies$$
The Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit Ho Scale Northern Light and Power Substation and Accessoriesarchitectural-model-supplies$
Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit HO Scale Al's Victory Service Stationarchitectural model supplies$
Walthers Cornerstone Aunt Lucy's Housearchitectural-model-building-kits$
Walthers Cornerstone Rural USA - Lancaster Farmhouse Plastic Kit
architectural model building supplies$$

Architectural Model Supplies for amplifying your layout

1. The Ho Rural Refugees Model Kit

The Ho Refugees Model Kit is a fun kit to put together with some amazing scale modeling in the building kit, two to be exact, which you will be able to set on a great landscape of craggy rocks, trees and foilage that look realistic.  It is finely crafted, very detailed and manufactured and sold by Aedes-Ars Company.architectural_model_supplies

It has 3400 pieces that need to be assembled and is made of real ceramic and simulates stone. If you want a rural set up like an old castle with some houses made of stone nearby, this building kit is a good fit. It gives a real and rustic village appearance. There is some castle type scale modeling that you can build to give the right view. The stone landscape is an add-on to enhance the scale model building appearance.

For more information on this kit click here.

2. The Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit Ho Scale Northern Light and Power Substation and Accessories


This is our choice number 2 for architectural model supplies that takes about two days to assemble. There are about a 1000 pieces of the puzzle to put through. The detailing and fine craftsmanship are worthy of praise.  It comes with a replica of a transformer, and if you want the authentic electrical operation, then this kit is a must-have. There are matching steel frameworks and chain link fencing that are realistic. Also included are warning signs and billboard decals to intensify the sceneries.architectural-model-supplies

If you want a good representation of an electrical substation, then this kit is right for you. Assembling this kit will require a lot of patience and steady hands since it has a lot of small pieces that need to be glued quickly. The illustrations guide provided will come in handy while assembling all the pieces together.

If you want access to our second choice of model supplies, then look at it here.

3. Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit HO Scale Al’s Victory Service Stationarchitectural model supplies

This is our 3rd selection of train model supplies for your model train layout. You can build this kit in three ways – steam, standard diesel or modern era. It comes with illustrated instructions so you can make the model accordingly. It includes gas pumps, two different style signs, and colorful decals to give unique, realistic looks representing a functioning gas station. It comes with a lot of tiny pieces and an excellent way to spend hours assembling this building kit.

If you are on a budget and yet would like to give a final addition to your existing layout then our choice of train model materials – Walthers Cornerstone series kit is the right one for you.


4. Walthers Cornerstone Aunt Lucy’s House

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant architectural model supplies to add to your layout, then our 4th choice of Walthers Cornerstone Aunt Lucy’s Housearchitectural-model-building-kits is the one you should pick up. It is easy in your wallet and a simple snap-together assembly.

This model kit looks ideal for city or country layout theme. It is so realistic that it has interior LED lighting for that special effect and window mullions made of glass. Walthers have gone into fine detailing in this kit that the windows have colored printed drapes and window detail sheets. The walls and trim are molded casting resins in two realistic colors to display one finished part. Not much of gluing required and the snap assembly is really fun.

Best for a novice and people who do not have the time for elaborate assembling process.


5. Walthers Cornerstone Rural USA – Lancaster Farmhouse Plastic Kit

If you are a fan of rural setup and would like to add more scale modeling supplies, then you can pick Walthers Lancaster Farmhouse. You can pick this along with the refugee kit to enhance and amplify the rustic display.

This kit is made of plastic and laser cut wood with a versatile cast resin base for sturdy support. It comes with a “Clapboard” siding, separate window and door castings. The roof is made of asphalt that has shingles on it. There is a front and back porch for realistic looks.  The porch comes with posts and steps. There are turned spindle railings on the front porch. There are a cellar entry door and separate gutters and downspouts. The detailing is excellent and fun to watch.architectural model building supplies

If you would like to add detail and character to your real rural or country set up then this kit is the right choice. It is low cost and ready to use, no assembling required.



Therefore, those are our five choices of architectural model building supplies that will intensify your existing layout. A model railroad layout without these accessories will look dull and boring.

Create interest to viewers, add more details and install type supplies that will blend with your landscaping theme. The more you add, the better environment you can create for your model railroading layout. This one enjoyable hobby gets better and better as you keeping adding more model supplies to the design.