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The thought of gallivanting through Europe with a gust of icy wind and puffing steam gives me an adrenaline rush. A real enthusiast railroad modeler would undoubtedly attempt to incorporate this beautiful scene into his HO scale steam trains. That is why we bring you a review on a few steam locomotive for sale.

When deciding to purchase a steam train, ensure these factors before arriving at the final decision. Make certain the size of the scale and gauge are appropriate when compared to the place of its use. For larger models, the fuel used for the steam must be safe for the functionality of your dream design. While creating the scenery of your design, aim to cover even the slightest of details. Once complete, the model should be able to exhibit all the features of the real steam train. Find some great options for steam locomotives for sale below.

Steam Locomotives for Sale Available Online to Build Your Dream Model

Some train devotees, apart from building the models from scratch, sell different pieces of the railroad model puzzle. When put in place together, these pieces create an excellent, miniature model of the original masterpiece. The following are a few of the steam trains that can be purchased online for your model:

Bachmann Industries Burlington #233 USRA 0-6-0 DCC Locomotive with Smoke And Slope Tender

 black and red steam locomotive for sale for the low

Weighing 12 ounces, this HO scale steam train from Bachmann Industries comes well-equipped for DCC. The USRA 0-6-0 DCC Locomotive works best on curves having an 18-inch radius or anything greater than that. These HO train engines come with E-Z Mate Couplers. The digital command control decoders ensure the steady operation of the model and have a dual-mode.


Rivarossi HO Scale – US Army S-100 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive DCC Ready

The Rivarossi Steam Locomotive has a die-cast boiler for maximizing thean old army steam locomotive for sale transportation corps pulling power of the engine of the model train. Rivarossi offers this steam locomotive with a five pole can motor accompanied with flywheels and knuckle couplers. It is DCC ready and has original lettering and road numbers.  It has an NMRA RP-25 wheel profile.

Bachmann Industries USRA 060 Steam Locomotive with Smoke and Vanderbilt Tender Seaboard #1094 HO Scale Train Carsuper old steam locomotives for sale going way back

These particular HO train engines are an Old-Time steam style locomotive, aiming to provide excellent power to your railroad model to endow you with an enthralling experience. Manufactured by Bachmann Industries, this steam engine with smoke and Vanderbilt tender seaboard works its best on 18 inches or greater radius curve. Free from any requirements for assembling, the USRA 060 Steam Locomotive. This Ho scale steam locomotive for sale is available at an affordable price for all devotees of the hobby.

Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive & Tender — DCC Sound Value-Equipped C&O KANAWHA #2718 – HO-Scalethis steam locomotive for sale probably not made in ohio









The Bachmann Berkshire Steam Locomotive has E-Z Mate Mark II Couplers and gives its best on 22 inches or greater radius curvature. It comes equipped with DCC sound and also has long and short whistles to go with it. Providing a realistic touch through its sharp puffing sound, this steam locomotive for sale comes operational with a bell, air pump, a blower and a steam release. This Berkshire steam engine has a standard DC analog power and a decoder, which helps to enable functionality and operations of the steam engine. Its brass-machined flywheels and metal handrails add a classic touch to the product.

Keeping Your HO Train Engines in Great Form!

Just like every other piece in their possession, real railroad enthusiasts would take all the measures for maintaining their model.

For retaining that new appearance of your HO scale steam locomotives, regular maintenance is essential. For getting rid of the dust on the train, use a soft bristled brush to dust off starting from the top of the locomotive. Remember to avoid any substandard brushes and those having hard bristles or sharp ends as they may scratch exterior of the engine. For clearing out the dust from delicate ends, use a smaller brush. An air compressor can be used to blow the dust off with the pressure low to avoid any parts from blowing off the engine.

At some point in the life of your model, grease and smoke will deteriorate the look of your locomotive. At the initial stages of this accumulation of impurities, it can be cleared off using a soft dampened cloth. A mild detergent or alcohol is for further wiping it off with water. It keeps your live steam locomotives kit in top-notch form.

For worse situations where the locomotive just does not get back to its original look, wash the engine by removing it from the model train and disconnecting any parts that might wreck due to the contact with water, namely electrical components, if any.  Place your HO train engines in water and use a mild detergent while brushing off the impurities off its body. Rinse it in hot water to remove any residual soap particles before drying the engine with a soft cloth.

Attempting to Repair Your Steam Locomotives

Like all other items, HO steam trains also have individual an auction for steam locomotive for sale outsidedysfunctionalities that make it difficult for the operational model to function. A major proportion of the damage is caused to model steam trains is when they are on the rail tracks. The fragile parts of the engine can be bent or broken if not handled with care.

Regardless of how it happened, the damage to the live steam locomotive kits will require some fixing. You can fix it by gluing things back in place.

The piping and rods of the locomotive may also suffer damage and will then be in need of repair. Being made of plastic, it is near to impossible to fix the piping by reattaching it. Drill the damaged area and insert the new piece into the holes created. Make sure to shelter it using cyanoacrylate.

If the damage is beyond repair, contact the manufacturer to order parts for replacement. If not available, try using similar parts from other suppliers to fix your HO train engines. But in the case of any mishaps, certain cosmetic changes will bring your railroad steam model back on the tracks.

Steam Locomotives and Whyte Notation

Ranging from high-quality plastic to brass-made models, these models are widely available in the HO scale. Other scales such as N and S are also famous amongst the modelers. It works by counting the leading wheels, then the driving wheels of the locomotive and lastly, the trailing wheels. Dashes separate them in between the numbers, for example, 2-6-0. This chart shows the classification of the steam locomotives by the Whyte Notation.white notation of a steam locomotive for sale just a chart

Steam trains go way back in history and are classics for railroad modelers to recreate with exquisite detailing. You can find a steam locomotive for sale all over the internet through some manufacturers. Order these HO scale steam engines today and embark on the fascinating journey to the world of model trains.