Do you want a perfect start to a lifetime of joy and learning for your family and friends? If yes, then our train sets for adults are the ones you should pick up.

Model railroading is a family oriented hobby where everyone can participate, learn and have fun together. There is a whole range of skills everyone can develop and is particularly the case for kids who start. Adults too benefit from this hobby as they develop their interactive skills with friends and family, manual dexterity, explore creativity, enhance artistic techniques, assembling architectural model supplies, understand economics and history. What better way of spending time than spending it together with the whole family.

Adults and children are fascinated when they see model trains chugging along a beautiful landscape whether small or big. Welcome to this section where we have picked three amazing train sets to add to your collection of model trains. Let us discuss in detail why you should choose them. But before that, a little knowledge on how to choose the right train set will help you make an informed choice.

How to choose the right train sets for adults:

  1. Scale – Scale is the proportion of the model to the real size. There are various sizes used, and you need to pick one that is right for you – may be O, G, HO scale or N scales. For more detailed information on sizes, you can click here.
  2. Track – It depends upon the scale. The previous favorite tracks were compatible and had universal appeal. Nowadays manufacturers have raised tracks that can be used on carpets as well but are not very compatible when used with other model train sets.
  3. Name – If you are particular about the brand names or famous names with model trains then you can choose accordingly. Lionel, Bachmann, etc. are some popular brands and part of history too.
  4. Control – If you are more power driven and want to have control over the functions of the model train set, then you can choose a variety of games that use DC, DCC, batteries and remote control.
  5. Price – Check if the budget will suit you or not. Model railroading hobby is time, energy and money well spent. So check out the ones that fit your pocket.

 A few of the best model train sets for adults check it out:

No matter how many model trains you already own, adding one or two more is always exciting and provides more variety of entertainment to young and old alike. Some of the train sets for adults might take a while putting them together. Nevertheless, it is easy to assemble when you follow the instructions that come with the package.

The Keystone Circus Train, the Lionel Trains Western Union LionChief Remote Freight Set and the Bachmann Industries American 440 Locomotive and Tender Santa Fe #91 are some of the best train sets for adults. These sets have become popular since they not only add beauty to your model train layout, they also have some practical functions that can be performed using batteries and (or) remote control systems.

  1. The Keystone Circus Train

If you are a model train enthusiast or are planning to gift one to someone, this train set is sure to fit your bill perfectly. There is a two-day shipping option available which means that you can get it quickly and start assembling it early on. It uses a G scale system that is attractive and red in color.

The Keystone Circus Train is a limited edition that provides real added value and comes with a twenty feet track. The train is highly detailed, finely painted, well-crafted and has various exciting freight cars. It comes with a robust engine that is sure to grab attention. The strong die-cast engine and wheels have quite a stylish appearance along with a working headlight that will bring sheer delight. It is easy to assemble and has a smokestack that releases real smoke too. There are toy circus animals and two free circus posters to add to the fun. The realistic railroad sound produced can be controlled using the volume control switch on or off.a great train set for adults that is affordable

The track has 22 pieces that are 12 curved and ten straight sections. It also has a tender car with loads that are removable. Also included are UL approved electric power pack, caboose, freight cars, two flat cars and side rails for more entertainment.


  1. Lionel Hogwarts LionChief  Train Set -O- Gauge

If you are one of those that are excited about history and items belonging to the old times, then The Lionel Trains Hogwarts LionChief Remote Freight set is the right one for you. Take a trip back to the 19th century and enjoy one of these Lionel trains for sale that comes with the wood-burning tender.

the best train sets for adults hogwarts style

There is a Hogwarts LionChief banner and is a remote-controlled system. Comes as a ready to run electrical train set. It includes 19th-century cars that are ornately decked and comes with a 40 by 60-inch oval track. Puffing smoke and operational headlight make it realistic and enjoyable. It also includes one baggage car and one flat car. The sounds produced are realistic and loud. Since its metal and some plastic, it is quite thick and stays securely on the track. It falls under the O scale train sets for adults category.


  1. Bachmann Trains Santa Fe Flyer Ready-to-Run HO Scale Train Set

Have a tight budget and would like to get hold of a highly full steam model train? Then this set is the one for you a steam style locomotive that has an operational headlight and is an HO scale train set. It comes as a ready to run electric train set.  About 2 inches from the ground, is small and hence occupies less space. Also works best on 18 or more inches curves. It includes one of the greatest remote control systems.

These train sets for adults are all the rage these days.

For more information on this old-time ho scale train set/ steam locomotive, please click.



Whether it is for your kid or you, you deserve an addition to adorning your model train layout. These are just a few of the ready to run electric train sets that we chose for our review.