Are you now looking for your next high HO train engines to add to your fabulous collection of trains? Well, then you indeed have come to the source about the best HO trains for sale that we can find.

We have included a section about the Kato USA Model Train #7210 HO EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern Locomotive, the Bachmann Industries EMD GP40 Locomotive Santa Fe #3509 along with the Bachmann Trains Prairie 2-6-2 with Smoke, and Tender Rio Grande (Flying Grande) which are some of the most popular HO trains for sale.

Many advertisements and marketing material inform that HO scale model trains can get used for outdoor purposes. It’s a misconception, and ideally, HO scale model trains should not get used for outdoor usage. The reason is that they are not UV resistant and cannot withstand continuous exposure to sun and heat. If you want to buy an HO scaled train set, plan to use it indoors only.

If you are a beginner train enthusiast you just need a few materials to set up your layout, include a locomotive to pull the train, a few rail cars, a loop of track and a transformer to control the speed and direction of the model train. There are plenty of starter kits on the market today which can help a beginner in setting up and kick-start this fantastic hobby.

Performing routine maintenance on your model trains will enable it to perform optimally without undergoing any significant repairs. Even professional enthusiasts perform routine maintenance on their locomotives and layouts like cleaning the tracks and metal wheels on a regular basis.

For cleaning purposes, you can use cleaning products that are made by many model train manufacturers. These include track rubbers, automatic cleaners or record cleaning products. Alternately, you can also use alcohol, transmission fluid or liquid detergents to remove dirt from the scale model trains and wheels. Regular dusting also prevents accumulation of particulates and helps maintain clean model trains and tracks.

As a beginner, you may not be familiar with the details and requirements to get everything from your hobby. We have put together all this information required for a beginner enthusiast with incredible precision and bright illustrations, photos, and video for optimal setup. It’s our famous book called “The Model Train for Beginners” which is a must-have for beginners and professionals alike.

This book not only talks about how to set up the perfect model train layout, but it also gives you detailed information regarding purchases of products/parts and locations where you could buy them at affordable costs. It offers brand names that are famous for producing excellent quality products and different scale products like HO Trains. Read below some of the most popular HO trains for sale and make the right choice:

Some Quality HO Trains for Sale

  1. Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train

It’s our first selection of HO locomotives for sale as it is a replica of one of the most critical trains in the world. You are going to fall in love with the Bachmann Rail Chief Ready To Run Electric Train ho trains for salesince it is a masterfully designed and well-equipped model of a large 5000 horsepower train. It was intended to impress you and your family with its beautiful metal chassis and neat directional headlights coupled with bright ditch lights.

The locomotive has gotten installed with a user-friendly DCC mechanism with a standard 8 inches. Plug for connecting the decoder effortlessly. This train set gets designed with all wheel electrical pickup from the forty-two-inch scale blackened metal wheels. It also comes with individually molded windshield wipers, MU hose, along with grab irons. Make sure that you provide a minimum turning radius of 18 inches.

If you want to own a model of one of the most massive, longest (a whopping 80 feet in length!!) and most powerful single diesel locomotive in the world, then grab this.






2. Kato USA Model Train Products #4599 HO EMD SD80MAC CSX “Dark Future” Locomotive

The Kato USA Model Train Products #4599 HO EMD SD80MAC CSX “Dark Future” Locomotive ho trains for saleis an outstanding piece that comes with a DCC ready mechanism. It is an eight wheel drive, and like the Kato, Model train requires at least 18 inches of turning radius. It is cheaper than the Kato train set, and if you are on a budget, you can pick this beauty.

If you have been searching for low-cost HO trains for sale, then this model is pocket-friendly and right for you. For more details on this product, please click:















  1. The last  recommended ho trains for sale The Bachmann Trains Prairie 2-6-2 with Smoke and Tender Rio Grande (Flying Grande)

This is our third choice of HO locomotives for sale which comes with a smoking unit. The Bachmann Trains Prairie 2-6-2 With Smoke and Tender Rio Grande (Flying Grande) is an excellent and solidly designed this steam train set that is sure to bring you delight and fun, hours on end.ho trains for sale

This train is made of the highest quality die-cast blackened metal chassis. It has a functional light and produces smoke for some practical effect.  On top, there are three domes, a plastic bell, and whistles. It has a Walschaert valve gear for smooth operation. The sides have more rivets and the railroad name in white letters. From the top, there are a few more rivets, handrails, water tank hatches, as well as a non-removable coal load that is glossy in appearance. Behind the train, there is molded in detail which includes several rivets, a ladder, handrails, and a non-functional reverse lamp. It also has Mark II coupler which is molded into the dark brown plastic.

The smoking unit produces smoke only when at high speed. Hence if you need real smoke effect, you can use liquid smoke. There is a dummy coupler in the front. For its size, it is quite powerful as it pulls some cars attached to it.

There is a little history of this model. During the early 1900s, the trains traveled along the mid-western prairies and hence were also nicknamed as prairies.

If you are on the lookout for small yet powerful HO trains for sale, then this model is for you. For more information click here or the image.

Whether you’re searching for products, a collector increasing your collection, you can choose various HO locomotives for sale that fits you. The more you have the more fun and entertaining it will be.