Railway modeling is one of the greatest hobbies of the last century and even now, it is still one of the fascinating things to do a couple of hours building, modeling and running replica of a large ho scale train sets and their various locations, lines and layouts.

HO scale train sets for sale

For the devoted hobbyist as well as the beginner, HO scale train sets use a range that provides detail and performance as well as allows elaborate modeling to happen without you having to purchase a second home housing your collection. Many replica track layouts of famous scenic locals can fit on a large table with ease. Which allows you the fun of building your rail line, the various buildings and the scenery that goes with it.

Many think playing a railroad simulation game on a computer is an adequate way to get the feel of how it was in the good old days of steam and steel or when the great diesel locomotives roared across this nation of ours.

No computer simulation has as much fun as the building of your diorama and laying out your track a piece at a time. Your layout could be as simple as opening a box or take years of patience and painstaking work. It’s all up to you!

Bachmann has some of the best model HO scale train sets

Bachmann is a venerable name in the model railroad world, and since 1969 they have made some of the finest home model trains sets that grandfathers have passed down to their sons to be later passed down to their children.

However, today, you can still get the same craftsmanship in a new HO scale train set as well. 629 scale model locomotives are currently available, and from this selection, you can recreate many of the classic trains and their famous lines and track layouts for yourself at home. Your selection not only covers the famous steam locomotives that crisscrossed Europe and opened up America but also, the powerful diesel that pulls the massive freight trains that keep the world moving and is the lifeblood of many a nation today. You have 118 of the steam and 203 in the traditional HO scale and as many in other scales as well.

Add to this all the other things you’d need from freight cars to scenery, track, and even matching automobiles with which you can build the final railroad layout.

They also have 149 customized train sets for those who want to get up and running right away with everything they need to start to enjoy this beautiful and fulfilling hobby.


Some examples of Bachman’s best train sets

Bachmann has created some classic train sets that allow you to relive the glory days of steam and diesel at home.

Bachmann Durango and Silverton HO Scale Ready To Run Electric Train Set

HO scale train sets

When you think of the famous railway lines, the Durango & Silverton comes to mind. Built in 1879, Durango got rail service in 1881 and later in 1882 the line reached Silverton as you might guess from its name, was in the heart of the silver country.

There had been a great strike of precious metals with gold and silver being the most sought after. Later, however, passengers noticed that the scenery was even more breathtaking than the thought of mining for gold and silver as this all petered out after a time.

But the scenery was renewing, and the line changed to one for the tourist and the person who enjoyed the scenic wonder of Colorado.

Yes, the line still runs to this day and takes you through some of the most beautiful countrysides in all of America.

Bachmann recreates in exquisite detail this classic train and gives you everything you need to get you started and set up your version of this famous line in your home for the holidays. You get a 2-8-0 locomotive with its tender and three other detailed cars; you can add Bobble caboose if you like as an add-on for a bit more to go with the core set. Click here for one of the best HO scale train sets.


Bachmann Trains Overland Limited Ready – To – Run

With a Union Pacific 4-8-4 steam locomotive, eight freight cars, and a wide-vision caboose you have one of the most famous trains during the days of steam. First opened up for passengers and freight between Chicago and California in 1869 this great train ran through Iowa and Nebraska as well. It followed the original transcontinental railroad route that connected New York and California.ho scale train sets

Today the line is still in use, and it is owned entirely by the Union Pacific Railroad. The trains are of course no longer steam. But, you can still see the best screener as you pass through America’s heartland.

If you are a fan of Union Pacific, then this is a train set that you should pick.


Bachmann Industries EMD GP40 DCC Equipped Locomotive BNSF #3002

This sinister-sounding name is one of the primary workhorses of the diesel locomotive world, and Bachmann has gone all out in bringing it to you in HO along with a complete freight car assortment and a classical take on a caboose you seldom see anymore. With some 1,221 locomotives built to the basic design, it was one of the most famous trains used in America. It also found a home in Mexico and Canada.HO Scale Train Sets

With a little patience and modeling skills, you are well on your way to building many layouts that mimic many of the beautiful and famous track sections found in America.


The Train Sets from Bachmann can start you down the road to a lifelong hobby

The train set fits into most homes quickly and takes up little space. It is large enough, however, to allow you to enjoy the intricate design of the HO scale train set layouts and the cars as well. You can build a simple layout or go ‘Whole Hog’ and create an award-winning spectacle with landscaped scenery along the track; add all the details that you gather from old pictures and magazines to make your model railroading experience a challenge and one of the most exciting hobbies, that millions enjoy all over the world.