Don’t you think if you had incredible scenery to match your model train layout it would be perfect?

HO scale is the most commonly used size for items that go along with the design of your model train. It is in the ration of 1:87 when compared with real-life objects. Using large scales will require more details and any mistakes will be conspicuous. That is the reason why many people choose the HO scale which is smaller than the O level. The HO scale system can quickly cover little mistakes.

There are three main factors to consider when choosing the best HO scale buildings or structure:

  1. The physical size of the model train – It is a matter of preference. While children and males have the general tendency to go for bigger models, women like smaller scale. Also if the models are too tiny, they quickly derail and crash. HO scale should be the ideal size to consider.
  2. The available space for the layout – The HO scale layout occupies only about 50% of the total space occupied by O scale sets. Handling and cleaning are a lot easier with HO sets.
  3. Accessories available for the layout – Due to the popularity of HO scale, manufacturers have released numerous accessories and rolling stock in HO scale. If you wish to run digital controllers and have switching operations, then HO scale will be the ideal choice for you.

It is interesting to watch when a lot of natural and everyday elements added to the model train building sets. Having a mining industry or a lumberyard, a building with a few shops around, a fire engine with firefighters working, etc. is so appealing to the eye and creates interest to the viewer. The more details the layout has, the more captivating it will be for all.

Let us now see a few examples of HO scale buildings and what they offer

There are various types of ho scale kits for HO model train layouts. Let us consider the Woodland Scenics PF 5190 Rustic Barn, the Woodland Scenics Ho Scale Grand Valley Layout Kit and the Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit Ho Scale Merchant’s Row 2 and see how having them on your scale model will make a difference.

  1. The Woodland Scenics PF 5190 Rustic Barn

The Woodland Scenics PF 5190 Rustic Barn is an HO train building set by Woodland Scenics Company which is a piece of art. All the pieces are intricate and highly detailed with meticulous precision. Many charming decorative accents are realistic on appeal.

The beautiful rustic barn is a replication of a traditional gambrel style barn which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It has a concrete silo attached, which were very common back then. In the times gone by these types of barns with their concrete silos were all over the US owned by people who had livestock. HO Scale Buildings

This shelter will add beauty and pleasant quaintness to your various layouts for your multiple train sets. The barn comes with a foundation from field stones and a roof that has shaker shingles on it. There is a fun hayloft door that features a pulley and a rope, a vintage type of weather vane on top of a cupola that has slats in its design and a concrete grain silo. There is also a shed, intricately styled windows that even have panes in them, along with several barn doors with some state of disrepair to make the experience even more authentic. The assembly of this kit is rather quick and easy to perform due interlocking wall alignment and prefinished edges.

This HO scale buildings set is one that you will enjoy putting together, so check out the link for more information about this product to add a fun, detail and real-life look to your ho model.

  1. The Woodland Scenics Ho Scale Grand Valley Layout Kit

This ho scale model railroading kit is a must-have if you want an enormous four by an eight-foot design. It is a great HO scale building set which comes with supplies that come for terrain, sub-terrain, and landscaping details. You will be able to implement the use of risers and inclines for the purpose of creating hills, mountains and low-lying areas for a great looking layout for your train set. It comes with foam sheets for the creation of flat and elevated areas for towns and buildings. You can cover them with plaster cloth to achieve hard terrain coverage. You can create rocks and install tunnel portals and culverts. You can mix and match with other ho scale model railroading products to give maximum aesthetic looks.HO Scale Buildings

Check out this fun kit that will get your creative juices flowing at this link:



  1. The Walthers Cornerstone Series Kit Ho Scale Merchant’s Row 2

This HO train building set features three fabulous storefronts that are elaborated with a central corner building turret that is beautiful, intricate and attention-grabbing. It has some colorful decals and the instructions come with illustrations that are easy to understand and follow.

If you are curious to check out this great kit:HO Scale Buildings



Here are a few examples of HO scale buildings sets:

Passenger station kit, Downtown Hotel kit, General store kit, Fire Engine House Kit, Gas station kit, Town Church Kit, Signal tower kit and much more.

These are just a few of them, and the market has a variety of HO buildings and structures. If you have an eye for detail and are creative, you can make your model train layout sets a collector’s masterpiece.